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The Principle of Ceramic Fiber Board
Posted: 08/15/2016 13:37:27  Hits: 31
Ceramic fiber boards are served for high technology materials, which has a close relationship with various industrial kilns. Due to different kinds of industrial furnace have different purposes and conditions of use, the requirements of the base material that constitute the main body of ceramic fiber are different. Different kinds of ceramic fiber also show different basic characteristics because of the difference of chemical mineral composition and micro-structure, as well as different production technology. 

Ceramic fiber board is a kind of refractory material that adopts vacuum forming or dry process through being refined by desiccation and machining operation. It is an ideal energy-saving material of kiln, pipeline and other heat preservation equipment. Then, how about it? 

Ceramic fiber board 
1. High crushing strength, long service life; 
2. Low thermal capacity, Low thermal conductivity;
3. Non-brittle material, good toughness; 
4. Precise size, good flatness; 
5. Easy cutting installation, convenient construction ; 
6. Excellent resistance to wind erosion performance; 
7. Continuous production,uniform fiber distribution,stable performance. 

In addition to the excellent properties of the corresponding bulk ceramic fiber cotton, Ceramic fiber board also has other advantages: solid material, good toughness and strength, excellent ability to resist wind erosion, no inflation after heating, lightweight, convenient construction; and it can be arbitrarily bent and sheared. So, Ceramic fiber board is an ideal energy-saving material of kiln, pipe and other thermal insulation equipment. 

Adopt blowing fiber(fiber is short, thin, easily broken to mix) as raw material of ceramic fiber board; Add a certain percentage of the bond, filler level agents, fully dispersed slurry in the mixing pool by beater. Take pump into the forming pool, and mixed by compressed air. Put the mold in forming pool, taking the advantage of the principle of pumping air for making the fiber pulp adhere to the mould. 

Control adsorption time precisely; Do vacuum dehydration for fiber wet material, then, demould and place it onto the tray for drying 10 to 24 hours in drying oven. Dimensions of fiberboard is controlled precisely by special grinding machine and trimming machine.

1. Heat preservation for the back lining of cement and other building materials industry kiln; 
2. Heat preservation for the back lining of petrochemical, metallurgy, ceramics, glass industry kiln;
3. Heat preservation for the back lining of heat treatment furnace; 
4. Thermal insulation for the backing of non-ferrous metals industry; 
5. Heat preservation and heat insulation for the back lining of high temperature reaction, heating equipment. 

The Principle of Ceramic Fiber Board