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The Mechanism of Ceramic Fiber Insulating Blanket
Posted: 08/08/2016 11:10:01  Hits: 43
Ceramic fiber composite insulation blanket added nanopores aerogel and other functional materials forms the ideal pore structure, can well prevent dissipating heat out by three kinds of heat travels. The specific mechanism can be explained as follows: 

1. The effect of zero convection. In the condition of high temperature, although molecules movement of pores increased no more than thermal radiation intensity, it cannot be ignored. If the pores size less than 50 nm, gas molecules will stop motion, because the size of the pores is less than the mean free path of gas molecules. The mean free path gas molecular is 70 nm. 
2. The effect of an infinite number of insulation board. The biggest characteristic of thermal insulation material is that porosity takes up most of volume. The smaller the gap, the greater the specific surface area of the hole wall. The internal porosity size of ceramic fiber composite insulation plate can reach nanoscale 50 nm, with infinite specific surface area, making the rays of thermal radiation do reflection, refraction and radiation, etc. when it pass through each layer interface, which is equivalent to setting up numerous heat insulation plate on the way of the thermal radiation transmission, cutting off thermal radiation in the end. 
3. The effect of a long journey. This is the extension of heat conduction path solidity. Ceramic fiber composite insulation blanket contains long and thin fiber material, which can increase the path effect, achieving heat preservation.

The Mechanism of Ceramic Fiber Insulating Blanket