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The Advantages of Ceramic Fiber Being Used in Kiln
Posted: 06/02/2016 14:12:47  Hits: 36
1) While assembly, the unfolding blanket would create huge stress after relieving, they becomg too crowded to have no gap;
2) The high elasticity of ceramic fiber blanket could be an offset for furnace shell being out of shape, reducing construction cost. Meanwhile, the ceramic fiber blanket could make up for the crack of different elements in the inside,, the crack that grows by the changing temperature;
3) Due to the character of light weight and lower thermal capacity (only 1/10 of light refractory lining and light refractory brick), remarkably reduce the energy consumption when the furnace temperature orperating control is working;
4) Stretchy ceramic fiber blanket could stand up to the external force of machinery;
5) Ceramic fiber is capable resisting any thermal shock;
6) No need of any drying or maintaining on lining, it comes into use imediately after construction;
7) Stable chemical properties. Excluding phosphoric acid, hydrofluoric acid and strong base, it is not easily to be corroded for other acid, alkali, water, oil and steam.