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Fireproofing Industry Has to be Environmental Friendly
Posted: 07/11/2016 15:53:44  Hits: 12
Recently, in some countries and regions such as Europe, Japan, America, their administrations make mandatory provisions that the industries are not allowed to use chromium fireproofing material in production, now it works out, chromium material is fundamentally banned for it is not environmental friendly, green initiative fireproofing material has become inexorable trend already. In the future, fireproofing material will be extended in cement kiln, this might benefit from the popularization of energy conservation and environmental protection policies. In cement kiln, some enterprises developed magnesium aluminate spinel, pleonaste and hercynite which reached or exceeded the service life of magnesite-chrome brick, could completely replace magnesite-chrome brick, reduced the chromium pollution remarkably.

With the constant and increased shortage in the national resources, a new style of green, environmental, energy-saving and cost-reducing is becoming the developing purpose of fireproofing material. China Fireproofing association also considers that during “the 12th Five-Year Plan”, the evolution of fireproofing would appear new features, it is essential to enhance production quality and application ability, the most important thing is to increase or intensify the new connotation, which means both of energy conservation, environmental protection and LC( low carbon). Fireproofing material fundamental direction of technological development is that regarding independent innovation as the basic starting point, and it is alone with fireproofing material design and scientific in application. Manufacture, refine application, environmental friendly production, the integration of consumption reduction and resource saving, both of these drive R&D( research and development) to a new stage. Cement industry is tend to apply non-chromium and energy saving material. About green fireproofing material application, it should be considered under the direct of systematize idea, making overall plans and take all factors into consideration.

For most proofing industries, being scientific and systematized considered from raw material preparation to production, construction, application and treatment is an necessary producing part, avoiding confine oneself within a small point to attend to one thing and lose another. It is necessary to keep the general goal in sight, and set about from detail things, be realistic and focus on the most important part, advocate the cooperation and coordinate between user side, manufacturer, researcher and designer. For enterprises, enhance the cooperation with academic institution and users unit, and greater efforts in university-industry cooperation, realize the new breakthrough in fireproofing technology.

In china, the overall level of fireproofing industry development is still a bit far from advanced level. Environmental fireproofing material has been paid great attention of industries and other related industries. The departments and guilds have made the relevant policy measure in succession to encourage and prompt the greenization of fireproofing industry. Intensifying energy conservation and emission reduction, developing green and LC products are basic requirement of fireproofing material industries. Further promoting technical innovation, product structure adjustment and application skill upgrading, developing long service life and environmental friendly products has become a great tendency to fireproofing material industries.