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Several Issues in Refractory Research
Posted: 01/29/2016 08:32:12  Hits: 110
To establish the power status of the refractory material and the lead level of technology, the following three problems is worthy of attention in the future development.
1, realize the sustainable development
"Sustainable development" is an important issue in the world economic development. In the refractory industry, we have a lot to do, including the most effective use of resources and energy; the use of waste and the recycling of refractory. That means we should make a comprehensive utilization of refractory material.
After decades of disordered mining and improper use of refractory, serious resource waste arises, and the conflict between refractory mineral and resources have been more serious.
The comprehensive utilization of resources is closely related to scientific research work. Only when the scientific research work making comprehensive utilization profitable, can we truly achieve the comprehensive utilization.
2, fire-proof material recycling
Refractory material recycling has drawn extensive attention in recent years. The situation of European refractory materials recycling is as follows:
In the iron and steel company: 33% loss in melting, 25% in internal recycle, 37% in external recycle, the waste gas by 5%. Visibly, the recycle rate of refractory Europe reaches about 50%, and abandoned fire-proof material is quite little.
There are mainly two methods for the recycling of refractory material: one is to reuse refractory, this requires separation technology, and manufacturing technology; the other is reuse refractory components such as boarding, which may require repairing and bonding technology.
3, reduce the environmental pollution
Refractory material itself is not so polluted, but the mining and burying of the materials will cause land desertification and atmospheric dust. In some developed countries, polluted materials have been banned, and in our country, the relevant research and trial work is still ongoing.
In metallurgical industry, especially in non-ferrous metallurgical industry, magnesium chrome material is still important refractory products. Unlike the cement industry, it is not easy to make chrome refractory material into material that has less pollution to the environment. But the raw material, in the open air for a long time, will also cause pollution into the underground water. The urgent task now is to strengthen the safekeeping and recycling, and the research of this in non-ferrous metallurgical industry, and we still have a long way to go.

Several Issues in Refractory Research