2000T Ceramic Fiber Blanket Production Line
2000T Ceramic Fiber Blanket Production Line
Short Description
 Model No.: ALT-TSB-DZL-SS-2000    Hits: 629
 Super Ceramic Fiber Blanket production line can produce 1260,1360 and 1430 grade ceramic fiber blanket,with density 80kg/m3 to 160kg/m3,thickness 10mm to 50mm

Key Specifications / Features

Model: ALT-TSB-DZL-SS-2000.
The flint clay is to be crushed to the required size for making standard ceramic fiber. Industrial alumina powder, industrial silica powder and zirconium power with different percentage are properly mixed for making four different types of products.ie.standard ceramic fiber, high alumina ceramic fiber, high purity ceramic fiber and zirconium-containing ceramic fiber.
When making different products, the above specific raw materials are prepared, delivered and evenly distributed in an electric resistance furnace after fixing through feeding set and mixer. The electric resistance furnace uses the molybdenum electrode as power source. The ion produced by melted raw material is conductive. The resistance of melted raw material works as heating element and melts the raw material continuously and uniformly. The electric resistance furnace is water-cooled. The molten stream discharged through a single molybdenum outlet port,which is protected with nitrogen. A spinning machine with three high velocity spinning discs transforms melted material into fiber through centrifugal force;Intenerating reagent is used during fiberization. Fibers are flown away from the spinner and evenly distributed on the collecting belt through the action of negative voltage. Then through photoelectricity (weighing up system) control of the collection system and PLC system, conveying speed will change accoding to the required specific weight and thickness. The fiber enters the stitching machine through conveying strap, the stitching machine transforms the fiber into blanket in requirement. 
The blanket goes through a heat treatment furnace to burn out Intenerating reagent, fix the shape of blanket, microcrystallize the fibers and improve its operating temperature. Through longitudinal and cross cutting, rolling up, quality control and packing, the finished products are sent to the warehouse for dispatching.
The technology function of the equipment is the same with "ALT-TSB-DZL-SS-1000", the power use the 900KVA magnetism booster, the flowing mouth use the 100KVA magnetism booster. Because the big power, the rate of fibers is higher.

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